We Appreciate

Michael Trotter, UMS Student

I want to thank Mrs. Baack for being a very great art teacher, and teaching me all about art this quarter! She is a very fun and outgoing person and I am really glad I got the chance to meet her this year!

Patricia VanScoy, Preschool Teacher at Webster Elementary

Ashley Myers and Kellie Dickinson, thank you so much for all the times you have encouraged and supported me. Thank you for going above and beyond for your employees and students of Urbandale. You have both made a difference. Thank you!

Madison Maly, UMS Student

I love coming home everyday and telling my mom what we are learning about in Science. Mrs Tornabane is the best at making things fun for her students. I am so happy with the way she teaches us!!

Vicki Langford, Nutrition Services at UMS

A shout out to the Maintenance Department for all they do for the district!

Lynne Van Wyk, Nutrition Staff at UMS

On behalf of Middle School Nutrition Service Staff, we would like to say “kudos” to Carla Madson for making our shirts for “National School Breakfast Week”. They look awesome! We appreciate all you have done for our staff.

Dr. Doug Stilwell, Assistant Professor Drake University

Congratulations to Ted Brimeyer and the Urbandale Singers for being selected to perform at the Iowa Choral Showcase in April!

Michelle Cole, Facilitator of Curriculum

I had the opportunity to participate in a well planned, highly differentiated PD session on instructional strategies at UMS this morning. Shout out to the leadership team for their planning and execution of this professional development!

Courtney Thomas – UMS Parent

Thanks to Mrs. O’Connor for the wonderful 7th/8th grade concert last night!! The chorus concert was fantastic. Pizzazz did an AMAZING job. Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into our kids!

Caleb, UMS Student

Mrs. Keithahn is the best math teacher I ever had! I have a blast with her teaching!

Kelly Janak – UHS Parent

I appreciate Mr. Kirkman and all that he brings to his Spanish classes. He does a wonderful job of teaching and making Spanish interesting. I have a freshman and senior in his Spanish classes and they both love his class and comment to me all the time about how great his class is and how they both feel like they learned something every time they walk out of his class. I feel very fortunate that both my kids have the opportunity to be taught by such an outstanding teacher! Keep up the great work Mr. Kirkman. You are very much appreciated!!

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