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We Appreciate

Dr. Doug Stilwell

Congratulations to Urbandale for its outstanding early literacy results! Being ranked in the top 7% of the entire state is an outstanding accomplishment. It is a reflection of the quality of people, the systems in place, and the commitment to continual improvement and excellence. Most importantly is the impact on the students being served, for literacy is the backbone for success in school. Well done!

Caleb Armstrong, UMS Student

Mrs Hart is such a great science teacher! She understands our problems and tries to fix them the best she can!

Colby Burright, UHS Student

I want to thank my coaches, teammates, and especially my teachers. I love everything about Urbandale. Thank you for supporting me through a tough year on the varsity and for your guidance. I would like to especially thank Coach Klaus and Mrs. Schoeller. I never dreamed I would make academic all conference.

Dena Soenke, Communications Manager

I am grateful for the outstanding support provided by our translators as we continue to “Teach All and Reach All” in our communications with students and families. This is a group of highly dedicated, professional, and compassionate individuals and I appreciate having the opportunity to partner on so many important projects. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to: Azra Beganovic, Jam Duany, Janessa Guardiola, Selina Hamilton, Alma Kavazovic, Lois McCarty and Dijana Tiric-Cohodarevic.

Mark Lane, Associate Superintendent

On behalf of the staff, students, and taxpayers of Urbandale Community School District, thank you to Chief Financial Officer, Shelly Clifford. Shelly’s wise and steady stewardship of district finances has empowered staff to meet the needs of each student, enabled students to learn at high levels, and allowed taxpayers to enjoy stable tax rates. As we say goodbye to Shelly, we know we are in an excellent position to continue to do great work, while being efficient and effective stewards of public funds. As Shelly begins retirement, we wish her the best, and express appreciation for a job well done!

Michael Trotter, UMS Student

I want to thank Mrs. Baack for being a very great art teacher, and teaching me all about art this quarter! She is a very fun and outgoing person and I am really glad I got the chance to meet her this year!

Patricia VanScoy, Preschool Teacher at Webster Elementary

Ashley Myers and Kellie Dickinson, thank you so much for all the times you have encouraged and supported me. Thank you for going above and beyond for your employees and students of Urbandale. You have both made a difference. Thank you!

Madison Maly, UMS Student

I love coming home everyday and telling my mom what we are learning about in Science. Mrs Tornabane is the best at making things fun for her students. I am so happy with the way she teaches us!!

Vicki Langford, Nutrition Services at UMS

A shout out to the Maintenance Department for all they do for the district!

Lynne Van Wyk, Nutrition Staff at UMS

On behalf of Middle School Nutrition Service Staff, we would like to say “kudos” to Carla Madson for making our shirts for “National School Breakfast Week”. They look awesome! We appreciate all you have done for our staff.

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