Healthy Snacks

Guidelines for Healthy Snacks in the Classroom

The Urbandale Community School District promotes a learning environment that supports students in developing lifelong healthy behaviors by supporting curriculum that teaches healthy practices, healthy nutritional practices, and regular physical activity. Nutritious meals and snacks are an important part of student health and well-being which is why the Healthy Snacks List below has been developed for your consideration. For additional student health and wellness information, please review the Urbandale CSD’s Board Policy 518.

Guidelines For Snacks:
Foods and beverages made available to students throughout the day, but not part of the district meal program or not sold to students, can include, but are not limited to: celebratory snacks (e.g. birthday treats), snacks for class parties, snacks for state testing, individual snacks brought by a student for her/his personal consumption, etc. Please review this list of healthy snacks for when providing snacks for these purposes. Families should also check with your classroom teacher regarding specific food allergies in your child’s classroom. Snacks must be store-bought, pre-packaged items, or items purchased through the Urbandale CSD Nutrition Services Program or an otherwise licensed food establishment. No homemade snacks or treats may be brought to school.

Classroom Snack Consumption:
Snacks provided to students in a class for celebratory reasons (e.g. birthday treats) will be consumed after lunch. Snacks provided to a class also must be confined to the classroom. Snacks are not to leave the classroom.

Food Allergies (Allergy Aware):
Food allergies can be severe and life-threatening. Strict avoidance is the only way for a person with food allergies to prevent a reaction. Accidental contact and ingestion can be harmful or fatal. For these reasons, Urbandale CSD is an Allergy-Aware district. Parents, guardians, and students are encouraged to be mindful of food allergies (e.g. peanut, tree-nut, soy, gluten, etc.) when packing lunches. When providing snacks for an individual student or a class of students, families are encouraged to follow the Healthy Snacks List provided below and always check with your child’s classroom teacher to confirm the presence of any food allergies.

Sample Healthy Snacks List:
• Prepared veggie and fruit trays.
• Fruit cups packed in juice or water.
• Cheese and saltine crackers; Goldfish crackers.
• Beef sticks
• Pretzels
• Sugar-free pudding cups.
• Yogurt in cups and squeeze tubes.
• Brown rice cakes topped with fruit.
• Boxed raisins and other dried fruits.
• Whole grain fig cookies like Fig Newtons.
• 100% fruit juice boxes
• Water