214 – Rules Of Order

Parliamentary procedures not provided for in these policies or by statute shall be determined by the most recent version of Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised. However,

1. It is not necessary to rise in order to make a motion.

2. Informal discussion is permitted while a motion is pending.

3. Motions may be seconded by any member of the Board not making the motion.

4. The President need not rise while putting questions to a vote.

5. The President can speak in discussions without rising or leaving the chair and can make and second motions.

6. Votes can be taken only on motions made and seconded.

7. The public may speak on any agenda item at the time that item is presented for Board discussion prior to that discussion, at the Board’s discretion.

8. If an agenda item is discussed and a Board member wishes to have additional information from the public, the Board may, at its discretion, ask any person for information.

9. The order in which the Board members’ names will be called for roll call votes will be as follows:

(a) All Board members will be listed in alphabetical order by last name at each organizational meeting.

(b) The first roll call vote will begin at the top of the list and proceed down. The second roll call vote will begin with the second name and proceed down the list with the last name called to be the first person called on the previous vote, and so on through the list.

(c) A person’s absence will have no effect on the rotation.

(d) The President’s name will be called in the same rotation.

(e) The Board Secretary will maintain the record of rotation for roll call votes. The sequence will continue from meeting to meeting. In the event the roll call list is not available, the Secretary may assign a new list.

Date of Revision: February 25, 2002

Legal References: 21.7, 279.8, Code of Iowa


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