218 – Public Hearings

A public hearing is a meeting called by the Board to hear public reaction to a specific subject, topic, or proposal before the Board takes action.

Notice of the subject, date, time, and place of the public hearing shall be given so as to reasonably apprise the public.

Any person wishing to address the Board shall give his/her name and address. Each presentation shall be limited to five minutes unless specified otherwise by the presiding officer before the hearing begins. The presiding officer may also specify the total time allowed for the hearing. A Board member may ask questions of the speakers after receiving permission from the chair. A person may speak only once on a particular subject. Any person may submit a written statement to the Board Secretary.

The Board may take action on the subject at the public hearing after all presentations have been made or at a later special or regular meeting.

Date of Revision: February 25, 2002

Legal References: 21.7,24.9,73A.3, 257.18, 279.8, 282.11, 297.22, Code of Iowa


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