221 – Board Secretary-Treasurer

The Board of Directors shall appoint a Secretary-Treasurer at a regular or special meeting of the Board held prior to July 1 of each year. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be appointed for a term of one year or until earlier removed. The Secretary-Treasurer may not be a member of the Board or a teacher in the District.

The Secretary-Treasurer shall qualify within ten days following appointment by taking the oath of office and filing a bond unless one is already filed. The cost of the bond shall be paid from District funds.

The major duties of the Secretary-Treasurer shall include:

  • Filing and preserving copies of all reports made and all papers transmitted pertaining to the business of the District. The Secretary-Treasurer shall be the custodian of public records.
  • Keeping complete minutes of all Board meetings and keeping records of all elections; assisting in preparing Board agendas.
  • Causing publications to be made of Board proceedings and notices, as required by law.
  • Keeping an accurate and separate account of each school fund and filing monthly with the Board financial statements.
  • Keeping and publishing an accurate account of all bills and presenting them to the Board for audit and approval and signing all warrants.
  • Receiving all monies belonging to the District.
  • Filing necessary reports with the Area Education Agency and State Department of Education.
  • Requesting reports from private schools.
  • Preparing yearly reports on all resident children of compulsory school age.
  • Receiving enrollment requests and reports and notifying the President of the Board regarding violations of the truancy law.
  • Mailing itemized statements to debtor districts.
  • Maintaining a record of invested funds.
  • Furnishing to the Board a sworn statement of each depository showing balances as of June 30.
  • Keeping bond registration records.
  • Receiving nomination papers and filing them with the county commissioner of elections.
  • Preparing an annual financial report.
  • Mailing, delivering and receiving notices regarding terminations of employees’ contracts.
  • Assisting with the development of the budget.
  • Supervising the payroll.
  • Assisting with competitive bidding.
  • Insuring that proper accounting procedures are followed.
  • Assisting with negotiations by providing financial information.
  • Performing such other duties from time to time as may be requested by the Board, by the Superintendent or by law.

Date of Revision: February 25, 2002

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