228 – Board Policies

Purpose. Board policies are intended to provide the general direction as to what the Board of Directors wishes to accomplish while allowing the administrative staff the professional prerogative to implement Board policies. The written policy statements provide guidelines and goals to the citizens, administration, staff and students in the District.

Formulation and Review. Formulation and review of written Board policies shall be considered as an ongoing process. Any person desiring the formulation, review or revision of a policy shall submit such request in writing to the Superintendent for initial consideration and transmittal to the Board. The Board shall, at least once every five years, review Board policies. A notation of the date of review shall be made in the Board minutes and shall be noted in the electronic policy manual.

Adoption. Suggested policies shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion, additions,  deletions,  or changes. Final action on new or revised policies, or recission of policies, shall be taken no earlier than the next meeting following the meeting at which the proposal is introduced, unless this requirement is suspended by a vote of not less than six Board members. In this situation,  a single vote will constitute final action with no further vote necessary.

Effective. The policy will be effective upon passage, unless the policy provides for a later effective date.

Dissemination. Board policies can be found on the district website listed under “Board of Directors.” The Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant shall post revised or new policies within four weeks of the date of adoption to the custodians of the Board policy manuals. Copies of new or revised Board policies shall be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which final action was taken to adopt the new or revised policy.

Date of Revision:  February 15, 2016

Legal References: 274.1, 277.31, 279.8, 280.12, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(2)


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