233 – Code Of Ethics

The Urbandale Community School District Board of Education is committed to ensuring the public, staff and students that school board members will be consistent, reliable, principled, and fair in the governance of the district.  In accordance with this belief and by adoption of this policy, each board member commits to following the Code of Ethics.

Board Members:

  • Will listen and respect the opinion of others.
  • Will be motivated only by an earnest desire to serve the school district as a whole and our community’s students in the best possible way.
  • Will recognize that authority rests with the board in legal session and not with individual members of the board, except where authorized by law.
  • Will abide by majority decisions of the board.
  • Will expect, in board meetings, to focus time on providing the best possible learning for district students.
  • Will remain open-minded and objectively listen to facts presented at the board table prior to voting.
  • Will recognize our responsibility is governance and not management.
  • Will abide by all policies adopted by the board, including the chain of command and meeting procedures.
  • Will recognize the superintendent as executive officer of the board and empower him or her to administer the educational program and student learning.
  • Will provide oversight for the financial stability of the district balanced with the need for an effective educational program.
  • Will respect confidentiality, when required by law
  • Will be trustees of public education and do our best to protect it, conserve it, and advance it.
  • Will abide by the oath of office, federal law, and state law.
  • Will recognize the integrity of our predecessors and recognize the merit of their work.
  • Will commit to our own learning and endeavor to keep informed on local, state, and national educational developments of significance.
  • Will express honest and thoughtful opinions in board meetings in an effort to have decisions made for the best interests of the children and education program].
  • Will make no disparaging remarks in or out of the board meeting about other members of the board or their opinions to the extent consistent with law.    


Date of Revision: July 15, 2019

Legal References: Iowa Code § 21, § 68B, § 69, § 71.1, § 277.28, § 279.7A, §179.8, § 301.28

Cross Reference:

202   Board of Directors Members

203   Board of Directors’ Conflict of Interest

Policy Primer, Vol. 26, Number 1, October 5, 2017


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