1003 – News Media Relations

The Board of Directors supports open, fair and honest communications with the news media while at the same time recognizing the privacy rights of individuals and the safety and security of the District and the students it serves.  The District shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws when communicating information with the news media.

Members of the news media are encouraged and welcome to attend open Board meetings.  Members of the news media seeking information about the District should direct their inquiries to the Superintendent of Schools.  In the event that another administrator or staff member is contacted, that person shall notify the Superintendent.  The Board President and the Superintendent of Schools shall be the spokespersons for the Board and the District, unless so otherwise designated by the Board or Superintendent from time to time.  They shall accurately and objectively provide appropriate information on the position of the Board of Directors in response to inquiries.

Other staff members may report on individual student achievements and awards (e.g. music, speech and sports awards) in accordance with District guidelines and confidentiality requirements.

Date of Revision: February 6, 2017

Legal References: 21.4, 22.7, 279.8, Code of Iowa


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