1009 – Community Service

The Board of Directors believes that the objectives of the educational and co-curricular programs of the District include assisting students to gain the proficiencies for effective leadership and to promote the desirability for individuals to perform community service.  The District, therefore, encourages the instructional staff, under the leadership of the administration, to promote community service in their instructional plans.

The administration shall adopt rules and regulations for the conducting of community service projects in the District such that no student is required to participate in a project which conflicts with the student’s individual beliefs or values and such that said programs do not disrupt the orderly operation of other educational programs.

No person or organization may solicit any student or staff member for contributions to an organization or project on school time and on school grounds without the express consent of the Superintendent of Schools.

Date of Revision: February 6, 2017

Legal References: 279.8, 721.3, Code of Iowa


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