1010 – Community Use Of School Facilities

Conditions.  The Board promotes the concept of school facilities serving as a center for community activities.  Therefore, groups or organizations will be allowed to use school facilities when the following conditions are met:

  1. The use does not interfere with the District’s educational and activity program.
  2. The use is consistent with State law and conforms to District policy and regulations.
  3. The group or organization is responsible and will exercise care in the use of the facilities.
  4. The group or organization shall be responsible for supervising the activities conducted at the facilities and for assuring the safety of persons participating or attending, and for complying with applicable laws and all district policies and rules pertaining to the use of school district facilities.
  5. No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, substance paraphernalia, or look-alike substances are available or used on District property. Smoking and use of tobacco products are also prohibited on District property. Animals are not brought onto District property without prior District approval.
  6. The activity is confined to the areas designated, and no school equipment or supplies are used except as approved in advance by the District.
  7. No District property is altered, moved or rearranged without District Approval.
  8. The activity is not a commercial profit-making venture by a taxable entity or for personal financial gain. (This shall not prevent the District from allowing entities to show such items as class rings, graduation announcements, musical instruments for the convenience of students.)
  9. A written Application and Agreement to use Urbandale Community School District Facilities and Equipment is executed and approval is received in advance through the Superintendent or its designee.
  10. Fees are paid in advance, if requested.
  11. A liability insurance certificate is provided in advance, if requested.
  12. The organization shall be responsible for paying for any damage or destruction to the school facilities.
  13. The organization shall indemnify and hold the District, its officers, employees, and agents harmless from any claims, damages or charges arising from the use of the facilities or the activities of the organization.

Application and Arrangements.  A written application and agreement must be executed by the group or organization and approved by the Superintendent or its designee.  If the Superintendent or its designee denies the request, the group or organization may appeal by using the Complaint Procedure specified in Policy 229, starting at the Superintendent’s level.  The Board reserves the right to disallow a use approved by the Superintendent and may withdraw approval.

Fees.  The fee schedule for use of District facilities shall be established by the Board.

Date of Revision: September 23, 2019

Legal References: Chapter 99B, 123.46, Chapter 142B, 276.10, 278.1(4), 279.8, 279.8A, 297.9, 297.10, 297.11, 721.2(5), Code of Iowa; 751 I.A.C. Chapter 7


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