1015 – Automated External Defibrillators

The District has acquired a number of automated external defibrillators (AED’s) for use in its school buildings. The AED’s shall be available for use with students, staff, and visitors who experience sudden cardiac arrest. Any member of the public may operate an AED when necessary. The District will also encourage staff members to receive basic CPR training and training in the use of the AED’s. District nurses shall be trained in the use of the AED’s.

While the District shall make the AED’s available in its buildings, it does not, and cannot, assure that the AED’s will be available for any particular emergency or that persons trained in their use will always be available to assist. The District will make efforts to insure that the AED’s are operational and that their locations are publicized to the public. Procedures will be established to coordinate the utilization of the AED’s with the District’s emergency medical procedures.

Date of Revision: November 3, 2008

Legal References: 279.8, Code of Iowa


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