305 – Organizational Structure

Code No. 305


It is the Superintendent’s responsibility to organize and arrange the administrative personnel and supervisors of the District to best serve the interests of the District.

Fundamental to the success of the administrative team concept is a clearly developed structure in which to communicate, interact, and make decisions.  Accordingly, roles, responsibilities, relationships, and expectations should be delineated through a carefully designed organizational plan and well-designed job descriptions.  The structure should include an orderly network of interlocking teams (councils, cabinets, and committees).

The organizational structure of the District shall be illustrated by a chart.  The chart represents the direction of authority and responsibility.  The chart shall be regarded as a visual representation of contracted authority and responsibility for each line and staff position.

Date of Revision: May 22, 2017

Legal References: 279.8, 280.14, Code of Iowa; 281I.A.C. 12.4


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