337 – Other Administrators – Contracts, Term

Code No. 337


The Board of Directors may offer an administrator’s contract of employment to the Director of Quality and Continued Improvement, the Director of Teaching and Learning, the Director of Activities and Community Education, the Adventuretime Director, the Coordinator of Student Services and to the Coordinator of Instructional Support for a term of up two years. The first three years of initial employment with the District shall be as a probationary administrator.

The contract shall be automatically continued in force and effect for one year beyond the end of its term unless terminated by the parties or pursuant to law.  The Board reserves the right to dismiss an administrator during the contract term for just cause in accordance with law.

If an administrator wishes to resign from a contract, the administrator must comply with Board policies on resignation.

Date of Revision: May 22, 2017

Legal References: 279.23, 279.24, 279.25, Code of Iowa; 282 I.A.C. 25.2, 25.3(3), 25.3(5)


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