341 – Supervisors – Positions, Appointment And Qualifications

Code No. 341


The District shall appoint individuals to serve as:

Human Resources Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Director of Nutrition Services

Building Maintenance/ Supervisor

Custodial Supervisor

IT Supervisor

The Board of Directors shall appoint supervisors upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools.  In selecting the supervisor, the Superintendent and Board shall follow the District policies on equal employment opportunities and affirmative action.  In the event the District contracts with an outside organization or other district to provide a person for any of these positions, the contract shall require that the person must be acceptable to the Superintendent.

Each supervisor shall hold required professional licenses, certifications or authorizations, as applicable, shall have demonstrated exemplary leadership abilities and shall exhibit the knowledge and ability to accomplish the duties of the job description.  The Superintendent shall recommend a supervisor based upon such additional qualifications and qualities as may be determined from time to time by the Board and/or by the Superintendent as being necessary to accomplish the District’s educational philosophy, goals and objectives.

Date of Revision: May 22, 2017

Legal References: 19B.11, 20.4(2), 279.23A, 280.14, Code of Iowa


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