403 – Recruitment Of Personnel

Responsibility. The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for recruiting personnel for the various positions within the District, with the assistance of other employees as the Superintendent may so determine. The Superintendent shall take affirmative action to encourage persons to apply in accordance with the District’s affirmative action plan.

Methods. The Superintendent shall use such methods, advertising media or other sources as may be appropriate to recruit personnel. All vacant positions requiring licensed employees shall be advertised in at least one publication having state-wide circulation, except in cases of emergencies or to fill temporary positions or when the District is entering into a sharing arrangement and such arrangement calls for another District to recruit the staff member. This shall not prevent the transfer or hiring of licensed employees without advertising when required by a collective bargaining agreement or by law. All applicants shall be required to complete a written application form.

Emergency or time-sensitive situations:  The Superintendent,  the Director of Human Resources or their designee, will have the authority to hire personnel on a temporary basis until an official recommendation can be made and action can be taken by the school board at the next scheduled board meeting.

Date of Revision: October 26, 2015

Legal References: 19B.11, 256.23, 279.8, 280.14, 280.15, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 94, Chapter 95


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