413 – Vacations

Administrators and supervisors who work at least thirty hours per week and twelve months per year shall be entitled to twenty days of paid vacation annually. Additional days of vacation may be specified in the individual’s employment contract. Vacation days shall be prorated if the individual commences or terminates employment during the contract year.

Classified employees who work at least thirty hours per week and twelve months per year shall be entitled to paid vacations as follows:

  • After the first year of employment
    • 10 days
  • After the second and third years of employment
    • 11 days
  • After the fourth and fifth years of employment
    • 12 days
  • After the sixth and seventh years of employment
    • 13 days
  • After the eighth and ninth years of employment
    • 14 days
  • After the tenth, eleventh and twelfth years of employment
    • 15 days
  • After the thirteenth and fourteenth years of employment
    • 17 days
  • After the fifteenth year and after each succeeding year of employment
    • 20 days

The Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee shall maintain a vacation schedule. An employee may carry available vacation days from the current fiscal year forward into the next fiscal year (which begins on July 1).  At the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year (September 30) all unused vacation will expire and will no longer be available to the employee except for the current year’s allocation plus up to five days from the prior year.  Administrators and classified employees will be paid for earned, unused vacation upon termination of employment.

Date of Revision: September 28, 2015

Legal References: 20.7, 279.8, Code of Iowa


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