421 – Staff Development

The Board encourages staff members to continue professional growth by being involved in professional organizations, attending conferences, continuing advanced education and participating in other professional activities.

The Board shall maintain and support a staff development program for personnel. As part of this program, the Board shall establish, through annual budget expenditures, a library and media materials collection that supports the Board’s staff development program.

Requests for attendance or participation in a development program, other than those development programs sponsored by the District, shall be made to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall have discretion to allow or disallow attendance, giving consideration to the value of the program to the employee and to the District, the effect of the employee’s absence on the educational program, the effect on the budget and other relevant factors.

The Superintendent shall recommend a plan to the Board for professional staff development.

Date of Adoption: September 18, 1989

Legal References: 256.7(15), 256.7(25), 256.21, 279.8, 279.14A, Chapter 284, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.7


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