430 – Personnel Files; Release Of Information

A confidential file of employment records shall be maintained for each employee in the central administration office. Included in the file shall be the following, without limitation: licenses and transcripts if required, employment application, references, contracts of employment, formal evaluations, disciplinary reports, and wage information. Information on leave usage may be maintained separately. Confidential health information, such as physical forms, sick or long-term disability leave days, worker’s compensation claims, emergency information, family and medical leave request forms and reasonable accommodations to accommodate an employee’s disability, shall be maintained separately.

Except in limited instances, only the Superintendent, the Director of Human Resources, the employee’s immediate supervisor, the building principals, the Board secretary, the employee, and authorized representatives of the District or of the employee shall have access to the confidential employee files without the employee’s consent or a valid subpoena. However, information for tax purposes, for qualification for benefits, and for wage garnishment may be released.

Employees who have listed the District as a place of employment or who have listed a District employee as a reference shall be deemed to have granted permission to the District to release information which may be included in the personnel file. Information from confidential health records shall not be released, however, without permission of the employee. This does not preclude release of leave usage information to a prospective employer, however.

The following information only will be confirmed to any entity with whom an employee has applied for credit or has obtained credit: title of position, income, and number of years employed. This information will be released without prior written notice to the employee. Confidential information about the employee will not be released to an inquiring creditor without a written authorization from the employee.

Each employee shall have the right to review the contents of his/her own confidential personnel file maintained in the central administration office, except for confidential credentials or reference letters. An employee desiring to view the contents of his/her file shall make a request to the Superintendent or his/her designee. No papers may be removed from the file, but copies may be obtained. The employee shall have the right to respond in writing to materials contained in the file.

All employee records, except payroll and salary records, shall be maintained for a minimum of seven years after termination of employment with the District. Applicant records shall be maintained for a minimum of seven years after the position was filled.

Date of Revision: February 12, 2007

Legal References: 22.7(11), 91B.1, 91B.2, 141A, 273.1, 279.8, 279.15, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.4(10), 12.4(11); 12.4(14), 282 I.A.C. 12.3(3)(d)


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