431 – Reporting Child Abuse

Any licensed employee who believes or has reason to believe that a student under the age of 18 has been abused or neglected as defined by law by a person responsible for the student’s care, shall see that such child abuse or neglect, or suspected child abuse or neglect, is reported to the Department of Human Services in compliance with the law. The District shall arrange for licensed staff members to complete training relating to the identification and reporting of child abuse.

It is also the policy of the District that all employees are required to report to the level one investigator any suspected cases of physical or sexual abuse of students by District personnel pursuant to the District’s policy contained in Article 500 of Board policies.

Date of Revision: January 23, 2006

Legal References: 232.67-.71B 232.73, 232.75, 232.77, 232.81, 232.83, 279.8, 280.17, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 102; 441 I.A.C. Chapters 152, 155 and 175


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