502 – Entrance Requirements

Kindergarten. No child shall be admitted to kindergarten unless the child is five years of age on or before the fifteenth day of September of the current school year. All parents and guardians wishing to enroll a child in kindergarten in the fall are encouraged to attend kindergarten round-up during the preceding spring. Any parent or guardian who intends to enroll a child in kindergarten in the fall may request that his/her child have a pre-school screening by the District. The Superintendent may also request that a child have a pre-school screening.

First Grade. No child shall be admitted to first grade unless the child is six years of age on or before the fifteenth day of September of the current school year, except that a five year old child who has previously completed kindergarten may be admitted to the first grade if the child demonstrates the possession of sufficient ability to profit by first grade work.

Proof of Age. A birth certificate or other satisfactory evidence of age shall be required of each student enrolling in the District for the first time.

Proof of Immunization. No student shall be enrolled in the District without adequate evidence of immunization as required by the Iowa Department of Public Health, unless exempted under State law. A student may be provisionally enrolled if the student has begun the required immunizations and continues to receive the necessary immunizations in accordance with State law.

Proof of Health Screenings. Parents and guardians of students enrolled in the schools of the District must provide evidence of health screenings as required by law, including dental screenings, vision screenings, and lead testing, unless exempted under State law.

Health Certificate. A student enrolling for the first time in the District should have a physical examination by a licensed practitioner. Each student shall submit an up-to-date certificate of health upon request of the Superintendent.

Date of Revision: March 26, 2018

Legal References: 135.17, 135.39D, 135.105D, 139A.8, 256B.2, 279.8, 280.3, 280.7, 280.14, 282.1, 282.3, 299.1A, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(4), 12.3(7), 31.2(1) 33.5; 641 I.A.C. Chapter 7, 51, 52, 67


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