518 – Student Health – Communicable Diseases

Definition. “Communicable disease” shall mean an infectious or contagious disease spread from person to person, or animal to person, or as defined by law.

Notice. A student who is at school and who has a communicable disease which creates a substantial risk of harm to other students, employees, or others at school shall report the condition to the nurse, principal, or superintendent any time the student is aware that the disease actively creates such risk.

Attendance. Students with communicable diseases shall be allowed to attend their regularly scheduled classes and activities as long as they are able to perform assigned tasks unless conditions arise in the school that place the infected student at risk of special health hazards and as long as their attendance does not create a substantial health or safety risk to others in the District. The Superintendent or his/her designee may require medical evidence that a student with a communicable disease is able to attend school.

Exclusion. A student will be excluded from school when the student’s condition has been determined to be injurious to the health of others or when the student is too ill to attend school or when conditions arise in the school that place the infected student at risk of special health hazards. The health risk to an immuno-depressed student attending school shall be determined by the student’s personal physician. The health risk to others in the school environment from the presence of a student with a communicable disease shall be determined on a case by case basis by consultation with public health officials. In the event a student cannot perform the assigned tasks, and/or in the event of a health or safety risk to others in the District, the least restrictive alternative educational placement for the student shall be arranged.

Reporting. It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent or his/her designee to notify the Iowa Department of Health in accordance with law when it is found that a communicable disease exists in the school setting.

Records. Data and records regarding communicable diseases shall be maintained in the student health office or building principal’s office and shall be maintained so as to protect the privacy of the student. This shall not be construed to prevent administrative staff, student health staff or those persons with a legitimate interest from being informed of which student is infected with a communicable disease or from reviewing the records.

Hygienic Practices. The Board of Directors believes that well-educated citizens, employees and students utilizing good hygienic practices will minimize the risk of disease transmission. The District shall offer education about communicable diseases, transmission of diseases, and prevention of diseases. The administration and student health service shall also adopt and implement rules and regulations for hygienic practices in the District. All school personnel shall receive instruction in the proper handling, treatment and disposal of bodily fluids or wastes based upon universal precautions as recognized by medical professionals. These procedures shall be followed for all students. Prevention and control of communicable diseases shall be included in the District’s blood borne pathogens exposure control plan.

AIDS/ARC. Screening for the human-immunodeficiency virus shall not be a condition for student enrollment or attendance. Any records indicating that a student has had an HIV positive test or that a student has acquired immune deficiency syndrome or AIDS related complex shall be kept separate from other school records in the student health or building principal’s office and shall be treated confidentially. This information will be released only with parental or eligible student’s consent as determined in consultation with the parents or guardians, the student, the student’s physician and school officials, or as provided by law.

Date of Revision: March 26, 2018

Legal References: 29 U.S.C. 701 et seq.; 45 C.F.R. Part 84.3; Chapter 139, 279.8, 216.2(5), 216.9, 280.14, Code of Iowa; 281I.A.C. 12.3(7) 41.96; 641 I.A.C. 1.2-1.5, 7


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