605 – Curriculum

Goals. The curriculum of the District shall:

  • fulfill the mission statement of the District.
  • reflect the educational and operational needs assessment of the District.
  • articulate (horizontally and vertically) courses of study from kindergarten through grade twelve.
  • identify exit outcomes, learning objectives, indicators of success, suggested activities, strategies, resources for each course, and, at the elementary and middle school levels, for each grade level.
  • provide for the assessment of the procedures and methods for achieving the objectives.
  • provide for objective monitoring and assessment of the students’ progress.
  • provide for the needs of all students.
  • stress character qualities that will maintain a safe and orderly learning environment and that will ultimately equip students to be productive citizens.

Responsibility. The Board of Directors shall approve the District’s curriculum. The Superintendent shall be responsible for curriculum development and for determining the most effective way for conducting research on the District’s curriculum needs and attainment of goals and objectives. Resource personnel will be asked to assist, and the Superintendent shall appoint advisory committees as he/she determines to be necessary.

Processes. The need for and value of a systematic, ongoing program of curriculum review, development and assessment involving students, parents, educators and community members is recognized. The design, implementation and assessment of the curriculum will be consistent with the Board’s stated curriculum goals and objectives. The Board deems it essential that the District continually develop and modify its curriculum to meet changing needs

While instructional differentiation is expected to occur to address the unique needs of specific students, instruction will be derived from a curriculum that is common to all students. A primary consideration in all curriculum development, modification, implementation, and assessment shall be the establishment of an integrated, multi-disciplinary curriculum that conveys multiple learning simultaneously in order to maximize educational benefits. It is the expectation of the District that learning will be enhanced by adherence to an integrated curriculum that promotes continuity and cumulative acquisition of skills and knowledge from grade to grade. The curriculum shall reflect the best knowledge of the growth and development of learners and the content of the various disciplines. The curriculum is designed to provide the District’s expectations of what students are to learn. The planned and written curriculum shall be taught to District students, and students shall be assessed based on the adopted written curriculum. Administrators will work with the instructional staff to maintain consistency between the written curriculum and the delivery of the curriculum.

Development and review of curricular areas, content, offerings, guides, and materials and resources shall be considered as an ongoing process. All curricular areas shall be reviewed for offerings, content, guides, materials and resources, expected student outcomes, and progress toward District goals on a schedule as recommended by the Superintendent and in accordance with law. The schedule will provide for review of each curricular area at least once every seven years.

Curriculum Guides. Written curriculum guides shall be developed and updated for all course offerings. The guides will provide a consistent approach and will reflect best practice based on current research, forecasts of future needs, trends and methodologies.

Assessment. The District will establish written criteria for determining the effectiveness of the curriculum at District, grade level, and classroom levels. Assessments will focus on determining the extent to which students are achieving and maintaining their mastery of appropriate specific learning outcomes and the extent to which educators are effectively conveying the curriculum in the classrooms. The Board shall review objective data and other indicators of student achievement deemed relevant as a guideline for determining the effectiveness of the curriculum.

Pilot Projects. Proposals for new, experimental, or innovative projects shall first be reviewed by the Superintendent and the Board. The proposals shall be the result of thorough study, research, deliberation and assessment. The educational materials of a program designated as an experimental or pilot project shall be available for review by the parents or guardians of students being considered for participation in the project.

Date of Revision: January 5, 2004

Legal References: 256.11, 280.3, 280.9, 280.12, 280.14, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.2, 12.5, 12.8, 41.3(6), Chapter 62


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