610 – Career Education

Goal. The Board of Directors recognizes that a goal of its educational program is to motivate and assist students to choose from among many alternatives the directions they will take after high school.  The educational program shall:

  • ensure that instruction is relevant to real-life concerns of students.
  • provide students with opportunities to explore the knowledge, skills, technical requirements, working conditions, and political and social environments and responsibilities of various career fields.
  • provide guidance services to ensure that students gain help in assessing personal interests, aptitudes, and abilities, in making career choices, and in planning an appropriate educational program.

Curriculum.  The District shall provide a kindergarten through grade twelve curriculum that incorporates the total concept of career education.  The curriculum shall allow students to prepare for the occupational fields of their choice by providing them knowledge and skills that will help them to (a) obtain entry-level employment in jobs not requiring advanced training, and (b) continue education and training in post-high school institutions or in business and industry.  The curriculum shall include consideration of the needs of society, awareness of self in relation to others, exploration of employment opportunities, experiences in personal decision-making and experiences of integrating work values and work skills into the students’ lives.

Staff Career Awareness.  The instructional and noninstructional staff members shall constantly strive to become familiar with career opportunities, requirements, and conditions and to communicate this information to the students, so that students shall recognize the wide array of careers open to them.  Appropriate outside resources shall be utilized to help fulfill this objective.

Date of Revision: December 10, 2018

Legal References: 256.11, 256.18, 256.37, 256.39, 258.9, 258.10, 279.61, 280.3, 280.9, 280.12, 280.14, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.5(7), Chapter 46, Chapter 48

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