619 – Community Education

Opportunity.  The Board of Directors recognizes that learning is a lifelong activity, and the Board supports the concept of community education.  It is the policy of the Board to view the schools as community centers which operate in partnership with the community to provide or assist in continuing education and a variety of other social and community services.  The Board endorses community education as a vehicle to promote community betterment and appropriate use of the public-school facilities.

Objectives.  The general objectives for the District’s community education program shall include the preparation of individuals for democratic citizenship, provide individuals with means for economic improvement and cultural development, and to enrich the personal lives of participants.

Conflicts.  The community education program shall be provided so that it does not conflict with the needs of the regular program offered by the District.

Responsibility.  The community education program shall be under the supervision of the administrative staff, with input from the community.

Charges.  The District shall charge fees for enrolling in the community education program which shall be in sufficient amounts to reimburse the District, as closely as possible, for the costs of the programs.

Licensed Staff.  The District shall employ persons who hold appropriate licenses from the Department of Education for all community education classes for which credit is given towards graduation requirements.

Date of Revision: December 10, 2018

Legal References: Chapter 276, 282.1, 282.1A, Chapter 288, 297.9, 297.10, 297.11, Chapter 300, Code of Iowa


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