629 – School Day

The school day shall consist of the schedule of class instruction and activities as established by the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. The school day shall function within the framework of the requirements established for the operation of accredited schools.

The student school day for grades one through twelve shall consist of a minimum of six hours, exclusive of the lunch period. The District may record a day of school with less than six hours of student contact time because of staff development activities, if the total hours of instructional time for all grades one through twelve in any five consecutive school days equals a minimum of 30 hours.

When school is forced to close due to weather or other emergencies, the part of the day during which school was in session will be counted toward the minimum of 1080 hours per year.

Major revisions in hours of operation and in scheduling practices shall be subject to approval of the Board of Directors. All minor time schedule revisions and all changes in time allotments will be made by the proper administrative authority with the approval of the Superintendent.

Date of Revision: December 10, 2018

Legal References: 256.7(19), 256.11, 279.8, 279.10, 279.11, 299.1, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.1, 41.22


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