643 – Recognition of Holidays; School Parties

The District’s practices regarding recognition of holidays and school parties should further the District curricular goals and objectives and should be integrated into the District’s regular educational program. Recognition of holidays and the holding of parties must also be in compliance with District policies on multi-cultural, gender fair education and on religion in the schools.

Holidays which are recognized and celebrated by various religious groups may be studied in the District. There shall be no attempt to promote or disparage any religion while studying such holidays. The holidays of just a single religion shall not be chosen for study. If studied, holidays of various religions shall be included. Holidays which have primarily a secular basis may be recognized and celebrated as well as studied in the school.

There shall be no more than three school-wide parties during the academic day in a building during a school year. Each building shall determine the occasions on which parties will be held. Parties may not be religious celebrations or devotional in character. Invitations to guests to school parties must be approved in advance by the building principal.

Date of Revision: March 13, 2000

Legal References: 279.8, 280.3, Code of Iowa


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