702 – School Meal Program

The objectives of the school meal program are to provide convenient and nutritional meals to students and staff of the District on a nonprofit basis at a reasonable cost, as determined by state and federal guidelines, to enhance the learning and performance of the students and staff.  The meal program shall be utilized as an instrument in the teaching of nutrition education.  The District’s meal program shall be operated in accordance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations to qualify it for financial assistance.

The school meal program shall be operated under the direction of the Director of Nutrition Services and the Superintendent of Schools.

It is the goal of the Board of Directors that the school meal program be financially self-supporting.  A school nutrition fund shall be established for receipt of moneys from the school meal program.  General fund monies may be used to subsidize the operations of the school meal program upon approval of the Board of Directors and as authorized by law.

The Board of Directors shall establish fees and charges for the utilization of the school meal program.

Free or reduced-price meals shall be provided to those students whose parents or guardians are unable to pay the full cost of the meals subject to federal and state laws, rules and regulations.  The income guidelines and the procedures for applying for free and reduced-price meals shall be publicly announced at least twice annually.  There shall be no physical segregation of or other discrimination against any child eligible for a free or reduced-price meal nor shall there be any identification of any eligible student by special meal tickets or announced or published lists of names.  The names of students receiving free or reduced-price meals shall not be made known to any person except such staff members as needed to make arrangements for the students.

Date of Revision: March 11, 2019

Legal References: Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, 42 U.S.C. §1751 et. seq.; Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, Pub. L. 111-296; 279.8, 280.14, Chapter 283A, 298A.11, 256.7(29), Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 58


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