704 – Co-curricular Activity Transportation

District Transportation.  Students participating in District-sponsored co-curricular activities outside of the District may be transported to and from the event in transportation arranged by the District.  The District will advise parents/guardians and students in advance if transportation will not be provided by the District for a particular activity.  If transportation will not be provided by the District, the responsibility and corresponding liability for any transportation to and from the activity shall rest solely with the students and their parents/guardians.

Loading/Unloading Points.  On co-curricular activity trips made in school buses, all passengers shall be loaded and unloaded at a site (generally the school) designated by the Superintendent or his/her designee.  If a trip is made in a car, students may be picked up or dropped off at their own homes as approved by the Superintendent or his/her designee.  No student shall be unloaded at any place other than the designated location without prior written consent of the parents or guardians.

  Passengers will be restricted to student participants, managers, sponsors or coaches, and chaperones.  The sponsors and coaches are to accompany the participants to all away activities in the school vehicle, if provided, and be responsible for the conduct and discipline of the passengers.  Exceptions may be made by the Director of Activities and Community Education when it is impossible for the head coach or activity sponsor to accompany the participants.  Under such circumstances, the assistant coach or activity sponsor or person assigned by the Activity Director will accompany the participants.

Date of Revision: March 11, 2019

Legal References: 279.8, 285.10(9), 285.11(6), Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C, 43.10


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