811 – District Purchases; Preferences

Prior Approval

All purchases of goods and services by District personnel or students shall be approved in advance by authorized administrators and business office personnel.


Any District employee or student desiring to purchase goods or services for the District shall file a requisition with the appropriate administrator for approval.

Credit/Procurement Cards

District personnel may be issued credit/procurement cards for certain purchases authorized by the District business office. Employees using credit/procurement cards shall be required to follow the established policy and procedures for their use.

Purchase Orders

Any goods or services to be purchased by District personnel or students, except those purchased by credit/procurement cards or pursuant to a valid written contract, shall be procured only after at least two authorized employees (including at least one authorized business office employee) have approved the purchase order. The appropriate building administrator must also approve the purchase order if the purchase is for the administrator’s building. The list of employees authorized to sign purchase orders shall be listed in the business procedures manual.

Receipt of Goods

All goods shall be processed through the building office. The building secretary shall certify to the business office the receipt of all goods. No invoice shall be paid without evidence of receipt of the goods.


Except as otherwise required by law, it shall be the policy of the Board of Directors to purchase products and services from locally owned enterprises within the District community which offer the goods and services if the cost and other considerations are relatively equal. Except as otherwise required by law, the District shall give preference to purchasing Iowa products if the products meet the required specifications and can be secured without additional cost over other products. Other statutory purchasing preferences may also apply.

Coordinated Purchases

When practical, the District will endeavor to coordinate and combine purchases with other governmental bodies to take advantage of volume price breaks.

Contributions Towards Purchases by Parent-Teacher Organizations, Parent-Teacher Associations, Foundations and Booster Clubs

District parent-teacher organizations or associations, foundations and booster clubs may agree to contribute towards the acquisition or improvement of District facilities and grounds or towards the purchase of equipment for the District as mutually agreed in advance between the organization and the Board of Directors. The District shall prepare or cause to be prepared any necessary specifications, bid proposals, and contracts for the improvements or purchases in accordance with Iowa law and in accordance with this policy and Policy 814 on bidding procedures. The organization, association, foundation or club shall provide the funds directly to the District for the acquisition or improvement as agreed to with the Board of Directors in advance of the District contracting with the vendor or contractor.

Date of Revision: March 23, 2015

Legal References: 19B.8, Chapter 23A.3, Chapter 26, 72. 3, Chapter 73, 73A.21, 274.1, 279.8, 279.28, 279.29, 279.30, 279.32, 279.35, 279.36, 291.6, 291.7, 291.8, 291.12, 721.2(2), Code of Iowa; 261 I.A.C.  Chapter 54; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(1), 43.25


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