816 – Insurance

Property Insurance. The District shall maintain a comprehensive insurance program that will provide adequate coverage in the event of loss or damage to the District’s buildings or equipment. The District will purchase insurance at replacement values when possible, after reviewing the costs and availability of such insurance. Insurance of buildings, structures, or property in the open will not generally be purchased to cover loss exposure below $5,000, unless such insurance is required by statute or contract.

Liability Insurance. The District shall maintain general comprehensive liability and errors and omissions insurance coverage for the District, the Board of Directors, and all employees acting within the scope of their assigned duties.

Workers’ Compensation. The District shall maintain workers’ compensation coverage under the statutes of the State of Iowa.

Review. The Board of Directors shall review the insurance programs of the District periodically to insure adequate coverage.

Date of Revision: February 26, 2001

Legal References: Chapter 85, 279.8, 279.12, 279.28, 280.14, 285.5(6), 285.10(6), 296.7, 517A.1, 670.7, Code of Iowa


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