818 – District Records

District records shall be housed in the administrative offices of the District or in the another secure location.  The Secretary shall cause to be kept and preserved records for the periods of time listed below:

Record:                                                                        Length of Preservation:

a.  Secretary’s financial records                          Permanently

b. Treasurer’s financial records                          Permanently

c.  Annual budget and financial reports         Permanently

d. Minutes of open Board meetings                  Permanently

e. Minutes and recordings of closed                One year

Board meetings

f.  Results of school elections                                Permanently

g.  School bonds and coupons                               Eleven years after maturity

h.  Annual report                                                          Permanently

i.   Annual audit reports                                            Permanently

j.  Record of payment of judgements                Twenty years

against the District

k.  Written contracts                                                  Ten years

l.   Cancelled warrants, checks, bank                 Five years

statements, bills, invoices,

and other related records

m.  Employment applications                                Two years

n.   Records regarding number of hours          Three years

worked, pay rates, deductions,

payroll records

o.    Record of medical exams used to                 Duration of employment plus 30 years

monitor exposure to

hazardous materials

p.    Permanent personnel files                               Permanently

q.   Permanent student records                              Permanently

r.    Program grants                                                         According to grant requirements

s.    School meal program accounts/                     Three years after submission of final claim

records                                                                                     for reimbursement for fiscal year.

t.    Real property records including deeds       Permanently

and abstracts

The Secretary of the Board shall not be required to preserve original paper copies of District records permanently, but is authorized, after electronically storing the record, to destroy, by burning or shredding, any paper records. An electronic record which accurately reflects the information set forth in the paper record after it was first generated in its final form, and which remains accessible for later reference, meets the same legal requirements for retention as the original paper record.

In the event any federal or state agency requires that a record be retained for a period of time longer than that specified in this policy for audit purposes or otherwise, the record shall be retained beyond the specified period for as long is required for the resolution of the issue by the agency.

Date of Revision: March 23, 2015

Legal References: 21.5, 91.S.6, 279.8, 291.6, 291.7, 291.8, 291.10, 291.14, 554D.119, 614.1, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. 12.3(1), 12.3(2), 12.3(4), 12.3(8), 12.4(11), 41.35, 41.624, 7 CFR 210.23, 29 CFR 1910.1020


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