821 – District Sale Of Goods And Services

The Board of Directors claims exemption from the application of state law prohibiting competition with private enterprise for the following activities:

1. Goods and services that are directly and reasonably related to the educational mission of the District.

2. Goods and services offered only to students, employees or guests of the District which cannot be provided by private enterprise at the same or lower cost.

3. Use of vehicles owned by the District for trips offered to the public or to students.

4. Goods or services which are not otherwise available in the quantity or quality required by the District.

5. Telecommunications (including radio and television stations if in the District).

6. Providing facilities for cultural events, fitness and recreation.

7. Food sales and services.

8. Sale of books, records, tapes, software, educational equipment and supplies.

9. Items displaying the emblem, mascot or logo of the District or that otherwise promote the identity of the District and its program if sold in the District.

10. Souvenirs and programs relating to events sponsored by or at the District.

11. Goods, products, or professional services which are produced, created or sold incidental to the District’s teaching, research and extension missions.

Date of Adoption: September 18, 1989

Legal References: Chapter 23A, Code of Iowa


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