825 – Reimbursement For Expenses

The mode of transportation selected for employee travel for District-related business shall be at the most reasonable rate and be the most efficient available.


Meal expenses will be reimbursed only when incurred with overnight travel for District-related business. Meals within the state and out-of-state will be reimbursed at a rate not to exceed teh IRS standard per diem meal allowance rate set by the US General Services Administration. All per diem amounts include tips and detailed receipts must be submitted. Payment is based on actual cost.


Double occupancy is encouraged when feasible and appropriate. The District will reimburse only for the time spent during attendance at the meeting or conference. Hotel receipts and/or bills must be attached to the travel reimbursement form.

Taxis, Limos, Busses

Usual charges for these services will be reimbursed. Receipts must be attached to the reimbursement form.


Travelers must arrange for the most economical airfare available. Only coach fare will be reimbursed. Receipts and ticket stubs must be attached to reimbursement form.


The District will reimburse for the authorized use of personal vehicles for District business at the maximum rate allowed by the Internal Revenue Service for the actual number of miles driven.

Other Authorized Expenses

Rental cars, parking, business telephone calls and other miscellaneous items will be reimbursed provided proper receipts are attached to the reimbursement form.

Unauthorized Expenses

Personal items such as alcoholic beverages, entertainment, personal telephone calls, laundry, or dry cleaning are not authorized expenses and therefore, will not be reimbursed.

Date of Adoption: March 23, 2015

Legal References: 70A.9, 70A.10, 70A.11, 279.8, 279.32, Code of Iowa


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