833 – Online Fundraising Campaigns – Crowdfunding

The Urbandale Board of Education believes online fundraising campaigns, including crowdfunding campaigns, may further the interests of the district. Any person or entity acting on behalf of the district and wishing to conduct an online fundraising campaign for the benefit of the district shall begin the process by seeking prior approval from the Superintendent or designee. Money or items raised by an online fundraising campaign will be the property of the district only upon acceptance by the board, and will be used only in accordance with the terms for which they were given, as agreed to by the board.

Approval of requests shall depend on factors including, but not limited to:

  • Compatibility with the district’s educational program, mission, vision, core values, and beliefs;
  • Congruence with the district and school goals that positively impact student performance;
  • The district’s instructional priorities;
  • The manner in which donations are collected and distributed by the crowdfunding platform;
  • Equity in funding; and
  • Other factors deemed relevant or appropriate by the

If approved, the requestor shall be responsible for preparing all materials and information related to the online fundraising campaign and keeping district administration apprised of the status of the campaign.

The requestor is responsible for compliance with all state and federal laws and other relevant district policies and procedures. All items and money generated are subject to the same controls and regulations as other district property and shall be deposited or inventoried accordingly. No money raised or items purchased shall be distributed to individual employees.

Accordingly, the following limits are placed upon fund raising activities by students and staff of the District:

  1. All activities shall be designed to provide specific, positive experiences and a spirit of service for all
  2. A standard form for those who desire to initiate an online/crowd fund raising event shall be submitted to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for review, approval and record keeping The Fundraiser Approval Form can be found in the Business Procedures manual.
  3. A specific purpose(s) for the fund raising shall be established and communicated before commencing the A budget shall be established for all projects. Fund raising activities without a clearly stated purpose shall be prohibited.
  4. Any organization wishing to fund raise within the building must also first have similar
  5. Regulations apply to students and staff as well as parent organizations and any other groups approved by the building principal or
  6. The management of the funds will be in accordance with good business practices, including sound budgetary and accounting practices and cash. There shall be procedures for safeguarding of all assets as well as full disclosure of the sources and uses of all funds.
  7. Students/Parents/Staff cannot be compelled to participate in a fund raising activity

The district considers crowdfunding to be a fund raiser. The principal/director must pre-approve a crowdfunding project/request PRIOR to it being sent to the CFO for approval and being posted on a crowdfunding platform.

Principals or directors should understand the terms used by crowdfunding sites prior to the start of a project.

AON – All or nothing. This means that if the amount requested is not reached, the project does not get funded. The donor then has the option to pick another project to fund or give the current teacher a credit toward their next project.

KIA – Keep it all. This means that if any amount is reached, the school will get a check even if the goal is not reached.

The principal is responsible for monitoring the crowdfunding site and ensuring that the request is removed from the site when the event or request is completed.

All non-monetary items (supplies, equipment, etc.) obtained are the property of the District and all applicable inventory procedures apply. Items purchased remain in the original building from where the request originated. Technology equipment requests must be approved in advance by the IT Manager. All other equipment requests must be approved by the CFO.

All monetary donations must be deposited in accordance with District policy and accounted for through the District’s accounting software. A new activity account may be established to track proceeds for specific requests. No District banking information should ever be given out. All checks must be made out to the school, in the name of the school, not to an individual person.

When posting pictures/videos/images of any students or staff, all applicable District policies and procedures must be followed. It is the principal’s/director’s responsibility to approve the text and photos/images that appear online. Some platforms may require their own student permission forms. A file is to be maintained at the school for any crowdfunding request. This file should include the principal’s/director’s fund raising approval form, the written detail of the project(s), as well as what is posted on the platform website, any photos or images posted with the project and a copy of all agreements and permission forms.

Date of Revision: April 22, 2019

Legal Reference:          Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 279.42; 565.6.

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