907 – Final Building Specifications

The architect or engineer shall proceed with preparation of the final working drawings, specifications, contract documents, and estimate of cost after receiving authorization from the Board of Directors. The Superintendent, staff members and the Board of Directors shall continue to provide information and decisions necessary for the architect or engineer to finalize the plans. Before plans and specifications are formally adopted a public hearing shall be noticed and held in accordance with the Iowa law.

It shall be the responsibility of the architect or engineer to obtain approval of the final plans by the State Fire Marshall, local building authorities, and all other local and state regulatory bodies, and of the Board of Directors before releasing the plans for bid purposes.

Date of Revision: March 25, 2015

Legal References: Chapter 26,  Chapter 100, Chapter 103A, Chapter 104A, 279.49, 279.13A,  542B.16, 544A.28, Code of Iowa


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