908 – Financing Site Acquisitions and Construction

The Board of Directors shall determine the sources of financing construction, remodeling, improvements, leasing, and purchases as provided by the Code of Iowa. Possibilities include the issuance of bonds, the issuance of loan agreements, and levies authorized by law. The Board may also utilize money received from gifts, grants, sales tax revenues, and money derived from the lease or sale of schoolhouses and/or sites.

Date of Revision: March 23, 2015

Legal References: 26.6, 278.1, 279.26, 279.39, 279.41, 279.42, 279.48, 279.52, 279.53,  280.14, 283A.9, Chapter 292, 296.1, 296.6, 297.1, 297.9, 297.10, 297.12, 297.22, 297.36, 298.2, 298.3, 298.7, 298.18, 298.19, 298.20, 298.21, 298A.4, 298A.5, 298A.9, 298A.10, 298A 13, 300.1, Chapter 423E, 473.20, 473.20A, 565.6, Code of Iowa; 281 I.A.C. Chapter 96


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