913 -Energy Efficiency and Conservation

The District shall continually audit its energy consumption and shall take steps to insure that the District’s facilities are operated as energy efficiently as possible. The District shall file, on appropriate forms, with the economic development authority, the results of an energy audit of the buildings owned and leased by the District as required by law.

Prior to constructing or renovating a District building having 20,000 or more square feet of usable floor space heated and/or cooled by a mechanical or electrical system, a life cycle cost analysis done in compliance with state law shall be conducted for the facility. The life cycle cost analysis shall be approved by the Board prior to letting contracts.

Date of Adoption: March 25, 2015

Legal References: 279.8, 279.44, Chapter 470, 473.13A, 473.19, 473.20, 473.20A, Code of Iowa


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