925 – Construction Field/Change Orders


To specify the authority of the Superintendent or designee for the initial approval of minor changes to a public improvement project in order to keep the project moving forward without unnecessary delays.  Such changes shall be referred to as “field orders” and shall be subsequently approved by the Board of Education as formal change orders.

Process and Content

  • The Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to approve field orders and allow a contractor to proceed with the change when waiting to receive Board approval may cause a delay in the project workflow, with the stipulation that the field orders will not:
    • Exceed 20% of the total project cost or $25,000, whichever is less;
    • Provide facilities not included in the standards for facilities as approved by the Board;
    • Authorize bid alternatives specifically excluded in the award of the original contract for the project;
    • Extend the contract completion date for the project;
    • Significantly alter the design or extent of facilities provided for in the original contract for the project;
    • Cause accumulated changes to be in excess of the contingency authorized by the Board for the project.
  • The Board will receive a report of all field orders approved pursuant to this policy and ratify or take other action on them as construction contract change orders at the next Board meeting after the details of the change are known and ready to be finalized.

All change orders in excess of the authorization granted by this policy must be submitted to the Board for approval, before a contractor may proceed with the change.


Date of Adoption: July 15, 2019




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