School News

Rolling Green Last Day Of School: June 13

As of March 26, we have missed three full school days, had one late start, and one early out due to poor weather conditions. Given these interruptions in our school calendar, the School Board approved the following plan for establishing the last day of school:

  • All students, except Rolling Green, will make up one day of school at the end of the school year which will make the last day of school Wednesday, June 5 (original last day was Tuesday, June 4). Wednesday, June 5 will be:
    • Elementary full day: “A” Day
    • Middle School full day: “White” Day
    • High School: Last day of normal finals schedule; seniors do not have any make up days.
  • Rolling Green Elementary students will make up one day of school on Friday, May 24 (“F” Day). As this day was already designated as a make up day on the year-round calendar, the last day of school for Rolling Green remains Thursday, June 13.