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Metro West Top 20 School

Metro West Academy Selected As A Top 20 Alternative High School In The Nation

Metro West Academy was selected as one of the Top 20 Alternative Schools in the United States and invited to participate in the National Alternative Education Association Conference Gallery Walk.  The Gallery Walk was a 3-hour conference session for schools from all over the country to consult one-on-one with the Top Alternative Schools. The session was designed for teachers and administrators to collaborate with exemplary schools in their field and ask questions about everything from process and curriculum to leadership and funding.

“It was a great experience for our team and it was an honor for us to represent Metro West and Urbandale Schools,” said Metro West Director Mike Moran.  “I was really proud of the team and their professionalism in representing our school, our colleagues at home and our partner districts.  It was a high impact and high reward conference for us we can’t wait to bring back all the things we learned to help our students at Metro West.”

The Metro West Academy team consulted with 20 different schools from 16 different states and each team member worked at length with educators and administrators to help find ways for their home programs to be more successful.  The schools that came to the Metro West table were able to work with Metro West team members and learn about programs at Metro West Academy.

“This was a great opportunity to network with other alternative education teachers from all across the country,” said Metro West Science Teacher Jim Happe. “The value of this experience will carry over into my classroom and in our school. I feel it is very important to keep informed about strategies that are being used by others in our field. This conference provided that opportunity.”

“This was an amazing opportunity to get to meet alternative educators throughout the nation and share our strategies with them,” said Metro West Math Teacher Adam Vaught. “It was great to meet all these fellow educators and hear from them.”

Conference attendees were able to ask very specific questions on a wide variety of topics. Each school was also able to ask the Metro West team to help problem solve issues in their home district and ask for advice and guidance on the challenges they are facing with their students and schools.

“I enjoyed getting the opportunity to share the strategies we use at Metro to engage and connect with our students,” said Metro West Social Studies Teacher Mackenzie Hyde. “It was energizing and inspiring to be around such innovative and talented educators from across the country.”

The Metro West team had a great experience participating in this event and received wonderful feedback from schools that consulted with Metro West and from the National Conference organizers.

“This was a wonderful experience to show so many people and educators from many states what we do that is so great at Metro West,” said Instructional Coach Lance McConnell. “Our teachers did an amazing job consulting with educators from across the nation. Their professionalism shined when talking to others about how they engage students and get great results.”

Metro West was honored to be selected to participate and even more honored to be able to consult with so many great teaching professionals from all over the country. It was inspiring collaborative work and it was a tremendous experience for the entire team.

Urbandale CSD congratulates Metro West students, teachers & staff for this outstanding and well-deserved recognition. Incredibly well-done! #proudofU #powerofU