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Metro West Students & Staff Provide Support During Hurricane & Flood Recovery Efforts

In addition to building the 4Cs of 21st century skills—communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity—Metro West Learning Academy students are adding another important “C” skill, “compassion,” through their volunteer work with Meals from the Heartland. Recently, Metro West students and staff packaged nearly 10,000 meals that will be heading to Houston and surrounding areas to help in the hurricane and flood recovery efforts.


“I would like to thank our Professional Guidance Counselor, Dyann Kruidenier, who was the spearhead for us and did all of the planning and coordination for our entire staff and 25 students to participate in this event,” said Mike Moran, Director Metro West Learning Academy. “It was a great experience for our kids to volunteer their time for such a great cause and it is an important life lesson on how our positive actions here in Iowa can have an immediate positive impact on the world in real time.”

Philanthropy is at the heart of many students and staff at Metro West as they volunteer their time throughout the year for different organizations and community-based service projects.

“Giving back is very near and dear to my heart, and a crucial skill for all students to learn,” said Kruidenier. “On a social and emotional level, being kind to one another boosts endorphins, and is the right thing to do. This is a great opportunity to teach students to be aware of their community, and other communities in the country and around the world. When we found out the packages were going directly to Houston, it was wonderful to have those conversations with students, and also let them know how people reach out to us when we have natural disasters.  Most importantly, we are giving them opportunities to see how easily they can help others.”

Reaching out, showing up, and lending a hand all while making a positive difference that is sure to better the lives of so many in need. We couldn’t think of a more worthwhile and valuable way to spend one’s morning. The Urbandale Community School District applauds all Metro West students and staff for their admirable actions in supporting the needs of others. Your compassion is contagious. Bravo!