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More Snow Means More Sledding Fun At Rolling Green!

For the past 10+ years, Rolling Green students have been looking forward to the first snowfall knowing that during recess they’ll have a chance to enjoy sledding with friends. The sleds are light weight and can zip right along even if there’s only a small incline. Students bring their snow gear and have a ball sledding during recess when conditions are favorable for sledding.

“Living in Iowa, I think it’s so important that the kids get outside, enjoy the seasons, and breathe the fresh air,” said Rolling Green Principal Julia Taylor. “The thing I enjoy the most are the squeals of delight as they go down the hill.”

With more snow on the way, we’re sure Rolling Green students are counting the minutes until they can get back to school and run outside for more sledding fun. These sledding memories are sure to always be remembered. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, Mrs. Taylor!