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Request For Public Comment: Special Education Plan

The Iowa Administrative Rules of Special Education require each school district to develop a plan for the delivery of special education services. To follow is a brief overview of the process we took for developing a new draft of our special education service delivery plan, as well as a request for public comment. Please know, providing comments is voluntary and not required.

Throughout the 2018-19 school year, a committee made up of parents, teachers, Heartland AEA representatives, and District administrators met to review the existing “District Developed Service Delivery Plan” (DDSDP). The committee then collaborated to create a draft of a new DDSDP which is included here.

The new plan will be available for Public Comment through July 31, 2019. Following the public comment period, our committee will reconvene and review comments, incorporate revisions as needed, request review/approval from our School Board, and then submit to the Iowa Department of Education by mid-September.