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UHS Fitness Center Schematic Designs Receive Board Approval

On August 13, 2018, the Urbandale CSD School Board approved the schematic design for the new UHS Fitness Center. We’re excited to share the following highlights of the new space and renderings by DLR Group.

UHS Fitness Center Highlights:

  • The new high school fitness center will be constructed on the west side of Urbandale High School and will be 1-story with a high ceiling to support programming in both the fitness area and the multi-purpose area.
  • The primary entry will be the current PAC entry which will provide a safe and secure entrance and an opportunity to create a “Hall of Fame” entryway highlighting the achievements of current students and alumni.
  • Construction is anticipated to begin in April/May 2019 and be completed in April/May 2020. We will make adjustments to parking as needed in order to accommodate the needs of students, staff, and construction.
  • The new space will feature an approximate 3,800 sq ft multi-purpose fitness area with athletic-resilient hard floor to host activities such as yoga, cheer practice, and dance practice. Also featured will be an approximate 9,300 sq ft weight/fitness area that will accommodate free weight training, and speed and agility enhancement with a single lane track and turf. Both areas will support general wellness of all UHS students as the spaces will be incorporated into the daily academic Physical Education (P.E.) program. Spaces will also support Urbandale Community Education Classes.
  • Once construction begins, we will focus on outfitting the facility with state-of-the art equipment to meet the needs of our students.

UHS Fitness Center Estimated Costs:

  • Total estimated costs for the design and construction of the fitness center: $3.5 Million. This will be funded through general obligation bonds.
  • Total estimated costs for purchasing equipment: $500,000. This will be funded through SAVE (state penny) dollars.
  • In addition to the design, construction, and outfitting of the fitness center, the lighting will be upgraded and restrooms renovated for a total estimated cost of $1.5 Million. This will be funded through Physical Plant & Equipment Levy funds.