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College Chemistry Comp April 2019

UHS Students Receive Top Awards During Multiple College Chemistry Competitions

National Chemistry Week Competition
In celebration of National Chemistry Week, two Urbandale High School students in College Chemistry entered their original artwork and poetry in the competition sponsored by the Ames Section of the American Chemical Society. In doing so, Emma Johansen and Kenji Bachmann won first and second places, respectively,  and were presented with awards and prizes during the ceremony at Hach Hall at Iowa State University.

College Chemistry Comp April 2019 article

National Chemistry Competition: ISU graduate student, UHS student Kenji Bachmann, UHS student Emma Johansen, and ISU graduate student.

United States Crystal Growing Competition
Approximately 20 UHS College Chemistry students grew crystals for their fall project, and the best crystals were entered in the the U.S. Crystal Growing Competition.  UHS College Chemistry students Parker Woods, Dylan Smith, and Ben Bormann received Honorable Mentions, and UHS Chemistry Teacher Julie Hanson’s crystal earned 8th place in the teacher competition.  Click here for a full list of winners and photos of crystals.  In addition, Caden Ziegler’s artwork was selected to be part of a mosaic depicting Dmitri Mendeleev, who is credited with designing the original Periodic Table in 1869.  The mosaic is being created by Chem13 News, a chemistry organization based at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

US Crystal Competition April 2019 article

US Crystal Growing Competition: UHS College Chemistry students Caden Ziegler, Parker Woods, Dylan Smith, and Ben Bormann.