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Urbandale High School Students Share Message Of Encouragement With Middle School Students: U MATTER

Urbandale High School U MATTER leaders, Matt Moran & Jacob Sammon, share the importance of getting involved, trying new things & supporting each other through the middle and high school years during Urbandale Middle School assemblies. The UHS student-led organization, U MATTER, focuses on raising awareness about inclusion, kindness and anti-bullying in order to make a difference for young people who may feel marginalized. U MATTER has formed a partnership with Urbandale Middle School in an effort to bring hope to sixth through eighth grade students knowing that these years are often fraught with the challenges of fitting in and finding oneself.

“The message of the show, (The Elephant Man), inspired myself and the students of UHS Drama to start U MATTER, a youth empowerment initiative bringing messages of anti-bullying, inclusion and kindness to Urbandale Middle School,” said Moran. “Our drama department is eager to help our school district in any way we can and we hope that U MATTER will be a long-lasting and meaningful partnership that helps Urbandale CSD students now and for years to come.”

Urbandale Community School District commends the UHS Drama Department for starting U MATTER in hopes of connecting with middle school students and giving them peer-to-peer guidance for navigating their middle school and high school years. U MATTER is definitely #payingitforward and for that, we could not be prouder. Well-done!