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Urbandale Public Library Book Drop Now Available In Urbandale Middle School

Returning materials to the Urbandale Public Library just got a little easier for Urbandale Middle School students.  The library recently installed its first-ever offsite book drop in the school in the front atrium right next to the main diUMS_UPL_BookReturn_sitesplay case.  Students can now return materials from both the public library and the middle school library any time the school building is open.

Public library staff will collect materials in the book drop each Thursday morning.  Materials returned in the book drop will remain on the student’s account until they are brought back to the public library.  When materials are checked back in, public library staff will pre-date their return date to the previous Thursday.  Materials that are too large to fit in the book drop must be returned to the Urbandale Public Library.

Urbandale Public Library Director Julie Wells says this partnership with Urbandale Middle School is intended to help eliminate barriers for students who may have difficulty getting to the public library in person.  “Some students may be reluctant to check out our materials for fear of not being able to return them on time.  Hopefully, this offsite drop will offer students and their families a convenient solution.”  Wells added that in addition to the book drop at Urbandale Middle School, public library staff will now also pick up library materials at Urbandale High School on the same weekly, Thursday morning schedule.  High school students should return their materials to the Library Media Center where they will be collected and taken to the Main Office each week.

Urbandale Middle School Librarian Tricia Fleagle says, “I look forward to the start of a partnership between the public library and our middle school. This convenience will allow students to return all their books here and not have to make the distinction between our books and the public library’s books. Hopefully, it will also encourage more reading and variety of books flowing through our students’ hands on a more regular basis.”

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Laura Sauser
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Urbandale Public Library