Equipment Options

We’ve conducted extensive research about playground equipment and evaluated multiple proposals based on numerous criteria including safety, cost efficiencies, longevity, accessibility, usefulness, and engagement. In doing so, we’ve narrowed our selections to the following two options:

Tier 1: $100,000
Tier 1 is priced at $100,000 and includes an ADA accessible ramp that provides wheelchair users the opportunity to enjoy 58% of the total elevated play components offered. One of the more popular play events is the ‘Trans-Glide’ which allows everyone to jump on board and make memories that will last a lifetime. It is constructed using heavy duty, high density polyethylene walls and slip resistant coated decking materials. The handrails are powder coated to ensure a solid grip when gliding back and forth. An observation platform set high atop the 9’ deck allows children to see friends coming from remote distances. There are also plenty of traditional play components to keep everyone coming back for more fun! (Note: Drawings are conceptual only.)

Tier 2: $200,000
Make way for the king of playgrounds. For $200,000, this showstopper playground provides endless fun and enjoyment for children and parents alike. This model comes complete with an accessible ramp, 34 elevated play events, and 17 ground level activities making this the playground to end all playgrounds. Featured are the incredibly functional and fun ‘Trans-Glide’ along with the ever popular ‘Boogie Board.’ The boogie board allows users of all abilities to go from an elevated play deck to the surface in no time flat. For fun, users can challenge themselves by going against gravity and make their way from the ground back up to the deck. The massive tower that houses not one but two 13’ tall tube slides will garnish a lot of attention. The elevated deck is completely enclosed using barrier panels all the way around the deck to make sure users are safe and secure. The user will be challenged physically, while developing upper body strength, balance and coordination while maneuvering through the area. This playground sparks the imagination and fuels creativity through design and purposeful play events—get ready for fun! (Note: Drawings are conceptual only.)

The amount of funds raised will determine the playground system that we’ll be able to install. DonateNow4Our dream is to install Tier 2 as it represents and fulfills all of our needs. We are incredibly grateful for any size donation you’re willing to contribute and appreciate your support. We know it’s going to take a lot of work and energy to meet our goal, but it will be more than worth it when we see the smiles on our students’ faces as they enjoy a fantastic playground now and for years to come!