Why We Need Your Support

Why We Need Your Support

Olmsted Elementary is focused on building a culture of learning where all students feel special every single day. We’re deeply invested in FredRogers_Quotationempowering our students to discover their natural talents, foster their remarkable creativity, and believe in their potential. We are a positive, caring learning community. We are welcoming, nurturing, and effective. We believe in ALL children.
Our culture of learning is holistic–learning doesn’t start and stop in the classroom environment, but instead, it extends and fully expands outside the classroom–there is never a time that we aren’t learning. Recess is an important part of our learning culture as it’s a time when students learn and grow fundamental social and relationship-building skills such as:

  • how to invite others to play
  • how to ask to be included
  • how to problem solve
  • how to create games that are inclusive
  • how to take turns
  • how to share
  • how to create positive interactions


Why Now

The Olmsted Elementary playground was built nearly 30 years ago (with 15 to 20 years being the normal life expectancy for playground equipment). Our culture of learning inside the classroom has dramatically changed over the past 30 years AlbertEinstein_Quotationand we’d like to request your support in helping our outdoor classroom be more consistent with the creativity, ingenuity, and innovation found inside our building.

A new playground will:

  • improve accessibility for students of all abilities
  • support more complex coordination and motor skills
  • encourage greater physical activity
  • provide equipment that is engaging, exciting, and fun to play on!


Who Benefits

Not only will the preschool through fifth grade Olmsted Elementary students benefit from having a truly exceptional playground, but so will the entire Urbandale Community School District StuartBrown_Quotationas all students who participate in the summer Adventuretime program do so at Olmsted Elementary. In addition, Olmsted is located in the heart of our Urbandale community and supports families throughout the summer as they enjoy Lions Park and the Ralph Whitten Shelter. DonateNow4