After School at UHS

After School at UHS

In order to maintain an orderly, supervised environment at UHS after the school day ends, it is important that students who do not have after school activities at the High School leave the building and campus.  There is not adequate supervision for students to simply roam the building or hang out with their friends on school grounds.

Parents, we are asking your help in making UHS more secure after school. Have a plan for what your student(s) is doing after school.  Make plans for your children to ride a bus, walk, or be picked up from UHS.  There is not supervision at UHS past 3:30 on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and 2:30 on Wednesday and Thursday for students who are waiting for a ride.  Students who do not have after school activities will be asked to leave the building by the times stated above.


After school computer hours at UHS

The computer lab in the media center will be open the following times:

Wednesday, Thursday – 2:30-3:30